Let’s Wheel The Wheel’s will be a charity focused on raising awareness and support for people who use wheel chairs permanently – including those with other existing disabilities or conditions. Let’s Wheel The Wheels mission is to help integrate people in wheel chairs in to the social community.


The main objectives for Let’s Wheel The Wheels are:

1 – Improve the quality of life for people in wheel chairs by providing access to the community and social events.

2 – Help build the self-confidence and social skills by providing more opportunities for social interaction in events and outings. 

3 – Promote new experiences for people in wheelchairs, both those who are able to take care of themselves and those with severe disabilities who need to be cared for.

4 – Remove social barriers. Many people in society are not exposed to people in wheel chairs or those with disabilities in wheelchairs. This can create discomfort for people who do not have an understanding of what people in wheelchairs need and or view them as a liability.

5 – Support families who have family members who use wheelchairs permanently by providing access to information for additional support and funding. 5 – Provide access and information related to funding for wheelchairs. 

6 – Bring families, support workers and related organizations and the community together during the once a year event.


Please Join Us For The Inaugural Let’s Wheel The Wheel’s event on Friday, November 29 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Tahunanui Sportsfield, Beach Road, Nelson. 

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