By Beth Revis

Godspeed used to be fueled via lies. Now it truly is governed via chaos. it has been 3 months for the reason that Amy used to be unplugged. The existence she consistently knew is over. And in all places she appears to be like, she sees the partitions of the spaceship Godspeed. yet there could be desire: Elder has assumed management of the send. he is ultimately loose to enact his imaginative and prescient - not more Phydus, not more lies. but if Elder discovers stunning information concerning the send, he and Amy race to find the reality in the back of lifestyles on Godspeed. they need to interact to unencumber a puzzle that was once set in movement thousands of years past, not able to struggle the romance that is becoming among them and the chaos that threatens to rip them aside. In e-book of the around the Universe trilogy, manhattan instances bestselling writer Beth Revis mesmerizes us back with a brilliantly crafted secret packed with motion, suspense, romance, and deep philosophical questions. And this time all of it builds to at least one mind-bending end: they need to get off this send.

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I rub my face with both my hands, remembering where I first heard those words. Remembering the way Eldest had spent more and more time on the Shipper level, in those last weeks before Orion killed him. How long has this been going on? Eldest told me my focus had to be on the people, but we can’t have been the only Eldests to realize that we had to focus on the engine too. What happened to them? It all connects at the so-called Plague, the beginning of the lies, the beginning of Phydus. Somewhere between the Plague and now, the truth was lost, and we, all of us, me and Eldest and the Shippers and everyone else, whether we were on Phydus or not, allowed ourselves to believe blindly what others told us.

I think of Amy. When I first saw Amy, all I could see was her bright red hair swirled like ink frozen in water, her pale skin almost as translucent as the ice she was frozen in. But when I imagine her face now, I see the determined set of her jaw, the way she seems taller when angry. I take a deep breath and stride across the floor toward Marae. She meets my gaze head-on, her back very straight, her mouth very tight. I stand uncomfortably close to her, but she doesn’t flinch as I raise both my arms and shove her shoulders, hard, so she crashes into the control panel behind her.

I ask, flicking my long red hair over my shoulder. Doc flinches, as if my hair is a curse word shouted in church. ” He’s not saying anything new. I am the only person on this ship who wasn’t born here. And while the residents of Godspeed had the individuality bred out of them so they’re all monoethnic, I’ve got super-pale skin, bright green eyes, and red hair to mark how different I am. The former ship’s leader, Eldest, did me no favors, either, telling the residents that I was a genetic experiment gone wrong.

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