By David J. Antocci

After saving a drowning guy in the course of a savage typhoon, Abby wakes up in a tropical paradise in a struggle for her existence. She has no suggestion how she acquired there, and notices alterations in herself that she can't clarify. Haunted by means of unsettling desires of her earlier, she units out to flee, joined via Eric, who reveals himself within the related hindrance. status of their method is a madman, and his band of prepared fans, with a frame of mind on murdering their unwelcome viewers. An eccentric hermit who has been dwelling there for years deals them safe haven, yet they need to deny his generosity. get away is their basically alternative. but, they become aware of this misleading paradise is more durable to go away than that they had ever imagined. One secret results in one other, until eventually their get away throws them into even better risk as Abby’s scary prior ultimately catches up together with her. Her get away is just the start.

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