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A potential life-saving connection with hold round the condo or within the motor vehicle, DK’s First relief handbook appears at greater than a hundred assorted stipulations, from splinters and sprained ankles to strokes and unconsciousness, and exhibits precisely what to do with step by step photographic sequences.
Every is obviously defined, outlining factors, indicators and symptoms, and motion plans. The up-to-date layout makes the directions more uncomplicated to persist with, no matter if you wish info on emergency first relief, first relief for infants and kids, or tips about resuscitation.

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Chain of survival Four elements increase the chances of a collapsed casualty surviving. If any one of the elements in this chain is missing, the chances of survival are reduced. » 57 THE UNCONSCIOUS CASUALTY « LIFE-SAVING PRIORITIES IMPORTANCE OF MAINTAINING CIRCULATION If the heart stops beating, blood does not circulate through the body. As a result, vital organs—most importantly the brain—become starved of oxygen. Brain cells are unable to survive for more than three to four minutes without a supply of oxygen.

54–87). HIGH-VOLTAGE CURRENT Contact with a high-voltage current found in power lines and overhead cables, is usually immediately fatal. Anyone who survives will have severe burns since the temperature of the electricity may reach up to 9,000°F (5,000°C). Furthermore, the shock produces a muscular spasm that propels the casualty some distance, causing additional injuries. High-voltage electricity may jump (“arc”) up to 20 yards (18 m). The power must be cut off and isolated before the casualty is approached.

114–15). Call 911 for emergency help. 112–13). 80)? CONSCIOUS THE ABC CHECK NO UNCONSCIOUS BREATHING is the casualty breathing normally? Look, listen, and feel for breaths. CONSCIOUS YES YES CIRCULATION Are there any signs of severe bleeding? 46–48) to check for other injury or illness. 45 ASSESSING A CASUALTY SECONDARY SURVEY Once you have completed the primary survey and dealt with any life-threatening conditions, start the methodical process of checking for other injuries or illnesses by performing a head-to-toe examination.

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