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5 is used. In the fall-safe oases it is assumed that either of the two jacks has failed or become disconnected so that all the flap load is resisted by one Jack Only. 00. 50. 00. Jack failed. Jack failed. 00. Similar principles have been used in designing the aileron which has triplicated Jacks. It is assumed that the sileron has to meet limit loads after any single Jack has failed. The same philosophy has been applied to the other oontrol surfaces. 8 CONCLUSIONS The only criterion a particular aircraft duce a safe aircraft which determines are satisfactory whose operation whether the load calculations is the question of whether is as economical as possible.


The computer programme outputs desired number of time intervals. 020 sec. The integrations are done by size of time interval gives reasonable accuracy when using modes of frequency up to IO o/s. frequency do not contribute much to the final loads, the loss of accuracy is small. The modes of higher as stated earlier, so The computer output is usually obtained for 16 to 20 time intervals covering a total time of about a third of a second. This has been found to be long enough, in general, to include the time when the peak structural loads For each time interval the computer outputs the shear, bending moment, occur.

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