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Page 14 To the Brink of War The minutemen who stood shoulder-to-shoulder on Lexington Green in the chill dawn of April 19, 1775, had no idea they were about to change history. In fact, as they gripped their muskets in sweaty palms and watched the British troops advance toward them across the dew-sprinkled grass, they fervently hoped that a showdown could be avoided. To start a revolution was the last thing they intended; complete independence from Britain was the last thing they wanted. On the contrary, their aim was to preserve their rights as Englishmen and to restore home rule to the coloniesthe political status quo as they understood it.

This strange collection of allies, numbering 1,700 in all, was bound for Albany and a linkup with General John Burgoyne's army, which was advancing southward. from Canada along the Lake Champlain-Hudson River waterway. The column's commander, Colonel Barry St. Leger, knew that all that stood between him and Albany was a small patriot garrison at Fort Stanwix, situated between Wood Creek and the Mohawk River in central New York. Fort Stanwix: Guardian of the Oneida Carry During colonial times it was possible to travel by boat all the way from the Great Lakes to New York City.

Bunker Hill Monument, Boston National Historical Park, Massachusetts (Revolutionary War) 3 2. Fort Stanwix National Monument, New York (Revolutionary War) 9 3. Minute Man National Historical Park, Massachusetts (Revolutionary War) 13 4. Saratoga National Historical Park, New York (Revolutionary War) 26 Mid-Atlantic 5. Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland (Civil War) 39 6. Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, Maryland (War of 1812) 50 7. Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Pennsylvania (French and Indian War) 55 8.

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