By Sheridan J. Coakes

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It’s like an IT version of nirvana. The goal of portal design is simple: Give your users a structure where they can quickly and efficiently find and use the information that they need. But what is the best way to create a framework for information and still allow for growth? Take a step back a moment and return to some of the fundamental reasons you’re implementing a portal. tex V1 - 08/13/2008 Chapter 2: Web Design 101 To achieve these goals and to maintain some sort of order, a SharePoint portal should have a pre-defined growth plan.

Ch). Again, even in the context of black and white images in the print of this book, this site looks distinctly different from anything out of the box with SharePoint. Finally, take a look at Figure 1-5, the Web site for SendTec. com). tex V3 - 08/13/2008 Chapter 1: Why Design? Figure 1-4 This example may be the most unlike any SharePoint design you have seen. But it was, in fact, designed in SharePoint. If you don’t believe it, view the source of the rendered page and you will see the following: As with many things, it may be hard to define what good design is, even though you probably know it when you see it.

What can you do to improve this process? Simple: Ask them to help. The key to driving user adoption is to get users involved in the design process from the very beginning. There are no better experts at your company that the people who actually do the work. Once you have a set of goals for your portal, the next step should be to involve these users. This process can be challenging. As with Marge, modern users are often jaded by the constant changes in IT. ’’ At this point in the process, your job is less about interfacing with a Web site and more about fostering relationships with people.

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