By Sir George CV Holmes

Old and smooth Ships absolutely Illustrated wood Sailing-Ships by means of Sir George C. V. Holmes An endeavour has been made during this instruction manual, so far as house and scantiness of fabric might let, to track the heritage of the advance of wood ships from the earliest occasions all the way down to our personal. regrettably, the duty has been highly tough; for the annals of shipbuilding were very badly saved all the way down to a particularly contemporary interval, and the statements made by way of outdated writers pertaining to ships usually are not in basic terms meagre yet usually super faulty. in addition, the drawings and work of vessels that have survived from the classical interval are few and much among, and have been made via artists who concept extra of pictorial impression than of accuracy of element. thankfully the carvings of the traditional Egyptians have been an exception to the above rule. due to their perform of recording and illustrating their background in a single of the main imperishable of fabrics we all know extra in their ships and maritime expeditions than we do of these of the other humans of antiquity. If their draughtsmen have been as conscientious in delineating their boats as they have been of their drawings of animals and structures, we could settle for the illustrations of Egyptian vessels that have survived into our epoch as being right of their major good points. The researches now being systematically conducted within the Valley of the Nile upload, yr by means of 12 months, to our wisdom, andviii already we all know sufficient to permit us to claim that send development is without doubt one of the oldest of human industries, and that there most likely existed a sea borne trade within the Mediterranean lengthy ahead of the development of the Pyramids.

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Herodotus states that, in his day, the docks still existed at the of the Arabian Gulf where this Red Sea fleet was built. , and who defeated Josiah, King of Judah, was one of the kings He comof Egypt who did most to encourage commerce. menced a canal to join the Pelusiac branch of the Nile at ANCIENT AND MODERN SHIPS. 24 Bubastis with the Red Sea, but never finished it. It his directions that the Phoenicians, according to was under Herodotus, made the voyage round Africa referred to on p. 27. When Nekau abandoned the construction of the canal he built two fleets of triremes, other for the one for use in the Mediterranean, and the Red Sea.

Extended from the sides to timber supports, inboard, arranged in vertical planes fore and aft. There were two sets of these timbers, one belonging to each side of the for the rowers and separated by a space of 7 ft. These timbers also connected the upper and lower decks together. The latter was about i ft. above the water-line. Below the lower deck ship, was the hold which contained the ballast, and in which the apparatus for baling was fixed. In addition to oars, sails were used as a means of propulsion whenever the wind was favourable, but not in action.

By several rowers, as in the galleys This, however, has been conclusively proved to the class of triremes, at any was not the that, in the rate, there Greek case, for it galleys, was only one man up to For instance, Thucydides, describing the surprise attack intended to be delivered on the Piraeus, and actually each oar. , relates that the sailors were marched from Corinth Nisaea, the harbour of Megara, on the Athenian side of the isthmus, in order to launch forty ships which happened to be lying in the docks there, and that each sailor carried his its thong, on his march.

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