By Joan Holub

Convinced Aphrodite is gorgeous, yet it is not continually effortless being the goddess of affection and wonder!

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As the morning wore on, Aphrodite grew more and more annoyed. Paranoid, too. Whenever she heard someone whispering, she worried it might be about her and Hephaestus. At lunchtime she growled at the first godboy who offered her a place in line in the cafeteria. 90 By the time she finally sat across from Persephone and Artemis, she was steaming. The two goddessgirls glanced up in surprise. " Artemis yelled. She grabbed three pieces of bread to soak up the gravy, then fed them to her dogs below the table.

Grabbing Aphrodite's arm, she tugged her out of the shop. "Please tell me you didn't think that clerk would be perfect for Mr. Cyclops just because she has three eyes and Mr. Cyclops has only one," Athena said after they were safely out of the shop. 74 Aphrodite grinned sheepishly. "Well, I admit it was the first thing I thought of. Also, she has lots of hair and Mr. " said Athena. "So opposites attract," said Aphrodite. That wasn't strictly true, of course. At least not always. Still, she'd have to remember to mention the clerk to Mr.

She seemed to sense Aphrodite's distress. They bid the boys a hasty good-bye. Grabbing Athena's hand, Aphrodite pulled her away. "See ya, Theeny," Ares called after them. "Ares is a creep," Athena announced, as they exited the Marketplace. But Aphrodite said nothing as they bent to loosen the ties on their sandals to free their silver wings. Athena glanced at her. " Aphrodite managed a small shrug. "It doesn't matter," she lied. She was on the verge of tears and just wanted to get home to her room so she could have a good cry.

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