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The same practice will also bring awareness of the more subtle parts of your universe. You are then capable of restructuring, realigning, and balancing those parts. " When you practice Rune mudras, especially in a group situation of mutual exchange, you will effect a general healing cleansing of your body and of your Aura; and you will charge and awaken your chakras, or spiritual centers. In a group situation, this general healing and cleansing will affect the group as a whole. Runic hand positions have a very special role in the balancing, awakening and developing of chakras, especially in group practices!

When I speak of the "symbolic meaning" of a utensil, then I refer to the structures of the Higher Order Energy components that are connected with this specific utensil. The utensil establishes then a structural link ("psychic link") to the repective energy field. Another, very important, characteristic of utensils is the following. As the utensil is used on a regular basis, the transcendental energies (HOEC's or Higher Order Energy Complexes) attached to it increase (and modify to some degree) more and more.

The mantras of the Runes constitute another, sound based, symbolism. Runes and their symbolisms represent mappings of the Realms of Creation, which give us useful methods of interacting with those realms and relating them to the world in which we live. 45 lesson04 The 18 Futhork Runes represent a path of initiation (which is beautifully shown in Odin's Rune Song), provided the student elevated him/herself to the level where the deep symbolic meanings of the various Rune documents can be understood.

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