By A.P. Fuchs

One evening Gabriel Garrison was once visited via a anonymous messenger who bestowed upon him nice strength, an influence meant for solid. as soon as researching what this energy was once and what it enabled him to do, Gabriel turned Axiom-man, an emblem of wish in a urban that had none. One evening after a regimen patrol, a mysterious black cloud appears to be like over town. Flying over to enquire it, Axiom-man is stopped brief while the cloud's presence shakes him to the middle. An electrifying worry emanates from the cloud and he can slightly get close to it. quick, the cloud takes flight and leads him on a wild goose chase during the urban, in simple terms to escape from him in any case. presently after the cloud's visual appeal, a brand new hero arises, Redsaw, clad in a black cape and cover. the folk, now enamored with this new super-powered wonder, appear to have forgotten approximately Axiom-man and all he is performed for them. other than something's improper. that very same worry that emanated from the cloud drips off Redsaw like a nasty scent and Axiom-man can slightly get just about him with out feeling ailing. what's Redsaw's time table and who's he? And why is it at any time when Axiom-man will get just about him it feels as though his powers are being sucked away? as though that wasn't adequate, Gabriel's day task hasn't gotten any more uncomplicated. His co-worker and the girl he adores, Valerie Vaughan, has no interest in him, and his boss has made it transparent that yet one more day overdue to paintings would be the day he cleans out his table. Then there is the hot trainee, Gene Nemek. what's his fascination with Redsaw and why is he by no means round whilst Redsaw seems? From flying over urban streets and hovering at dizzying heights, to balancing a mystery identification with future, Axiom-man needs to notice what Redsaw's presence capability and the way it ties into the messenger's life-altering stopover at prior to the city-and the world-are enamored with an evil that has haunted the cosmos because the sunrise of Time.

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Fortunately Dolla-card didn’t have a strict Internet policy like some workplaces. You were allowed to check your personal email and do a little surfing provided that it didn’t interfere with your work. He went to Owen’s main website and it wasn’t what he expected. He’d seen a few ebook sites before and they were all sales letters. Owen’s had interactive images, links, menus and the man’s picture graced the front page. The main banner was for Owen Enterprises, touting the new real estate project he was getting into.

Since he hadn’t had any credit trouble in the past—since he’d never had credit—they were willing to give him a chance with such a small amount. Oscar bought his machine on sale at Zellers, got an Internet 38 AXIOM-MAN connection of his own and got to work. He only hoped that the book would be ready and sales made by next month so he could start paying his loan back. Now, looking out the window, a swell of pride bubbled inside his chest from what he had created. His first ebook had few sales at first, but as he got more adept at Online Viral Marketing— which he conducted each evening from ten till sometimes three or four in the morning—the sales increased.

By doing so, however, it would be a slap in the face to what Axiom-man was supposed to stand for. The black cloud. There it was again, and though he was sitting safely in the confines of his cubicle, the same sense of dread the cloud emitted the night before hung over him. Scanning those around him quickly, Gabriel noticed tiredness in everyone’s eyes, subtle bags beneath the eye sockets, their eyes red as if each one had been up the night before crying. Could they have felt the presence of the black cloud, too?

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