By Ian Sturton, Przemyslaw Budzbon

Книга Battleships. 1906 to give. Battleships. 1906 to offer. Книги Вооружение Автор: Ian Sturton Формат: djvu Размер: 17 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:История линейных кораблей с начала XX века до наших дней. Справочник составлен по странам. От Аргентины до united states. История, Фото, ТТХ.

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Holland and the Frances Smith all ran aground in the St. Mary's River just below Sault Ste. " This may have been a reference to fog, but it is likely there was smoke in the air from fires where land was being cleared. Certainly when the Quebec again ran into trouble in Bear Lake near St. Joseph Island in July 1885, the cause was a forest fire. 21 Conveniently, the Ontario was again nearby and able to rescue all on board. 2 Fortunately, the salvagers, the Detroit Tug & Transit Company, were able to raise her in 1886 to sail another day.

H. "4 The Oxford was imprisoned for four days, straining at her anchors and gradually being dragged toward the sharp knifelike edges of the layered limestone ridges just below the surface. Captain Smith contemplated putting up steam and attempting to catch a wave in order "to jump" the shelf back into the lake. In consideration for the safety of his crew (and the boat), he decided on an alternate action. To resolve his conundrum he scuttled the Oxford and left her there until next spring when he would refloat her for the new season.

39 He later claimed that it was his honour that forced him to make the delivery to the CPR dock. Honour or not, the trip was not a good one. As the Frances Smith headed up the river, she was able to move less than one mile per hour through the fast-forming ice. It took ten hours of precious time and considerably more "cussing" to reach her destination. Once there, the crew unloaded the vessel and Captain Robertson hightailed it directly back to the Sault just beating the yearend seasonal closing of the locks.

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