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This ebook is sweet for either rookies and for extra complex humans. good geared up and methodical. effortless to experiment and pinpoint goods.

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A document is valid if each element within the document is valid against its appropriate schema. A side effect of this element-level validation is that XML schemas don’t provide a way to specify which is the document element. So, providing the elements are valid, the document will be valid, regardless of the fact that a document element may not be included. qxd 30 5/19/06 11:22 AM Page 30 CHAPTER 2 ■ RELATED XML RECOMMENDATIONS Straight away, you can see some big differences between this schema and the previous DTD.

Unless you mark the text as CDATA, it will be treated as if it were XML and processed accordingly. This means an opening angle bracket will be treated as if it were part of an XML tag. If you want to use reserved characters within text, you must rewrite them as character entities. For example, you can write the left angle bracket < as <. You can also embed the reserved characters within CDATA. qxd 5/19/06 11:21 AM Page 15 CHAPTER 1 ■ INTRODUCTION TO XML CDATA Sections CDATA allows you to mark blocks of text so that they’re not processed as XML.

The Document Type Definition A DTD describes the structure of a document. Among other things, it indicates how many times an element can appear, whether it’s optional, and whether it contains attributes. Validating parsers can check an XML document against its DTD to see if it’s valid. If it isn’t, the parser will report an error. An XML document that complies with a DTD is called a document instance of that DTD. This book isn’t intended as a complete reference to DTDs, but it includes enough information so you can understand how to construct a DTD.

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