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Concept-store (French Edition)

Pop-up shops, guerilla shops, boutiques éphémères ou magasins amiraux. .. Découvrez ce beau livre process consacré au layout et à larchitecture des espaces de vente dans le monde. Illustré par une très belle iconographie de seven-hundred images, plans, planches et croquis, il présente aux décorateurs les derniers suggestions et tendances de ces lieux innovants.

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Benefits accruing from incubation of eggs in respiratory chambers are so high that fishes have explored all possibilities of utilizing every animal group possessing a system of irrigation for incubation of their eggs. Left with no other alternative group, the freshwater fishes exclusively utilize the mussels as the substratum for egg incubation. Marine fishes have a wide choice; they incubate their eggs in the canal system of sponges, and respiratory chambers of ascidians and crab (Table 9). The scope for using marine mussels for egg incubation is indeed very vast, but reports on such a relation are still awaited.

4 days during the first and second incubation, respectively in the experimental males. All these led to six times more loss of body weight of the experimental males during an incubation cycle in comparison to controls. Hence 30 and 60% males abandoned the ventilation and even ventured to eat the eggs from the 3rd to 7th day of incubation. Consequently, 65% eggs alone hatched under low oxygen conditions during the second incubation, whereas more than 80% eggs successfully hatched both from the nests of controls and experimentals, when the first incubation was completed.

The following features of sex differentiation are striking examples of teleost’s peculiarity: 1. In both the sexes there are no structural connections between the genital and excretory systems, 2. The somatic tissue of the gonad lacks a dual origin from cortex and medulla, 3. The chromosomes are not differentiated into autosomes and heterosomes and 4. Teleosts are the only vertebrates, among which simultaneous, sequential and serial hermaphrodites are found (Reinboth, 1983). 1 Gonadal differentiation With reference to the lack of a dual origin of gonadal somatic tissues, the chronological sequences of gonadal differentiation in a typical gonochoric fish may explain the plasticity of the sex differentiation process.

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