By way of assessing 3 of the most important and so much decisive significant fleet activities - Tsushima, Jutland and the Philippine Sea - this article indicates how this kind of naval conflict has developed via eras that have introduced new weaponry and firepower, more desirable communique and aerial help.

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He called Fitch to come in. Fitch looked on as Franklin took five or six dollars from a desk drawer and offered the money to him. “The indignation which inflamed my blood could hardly be suppressed,” Fitch wrote of the incident. ” Fitch later berated himself for his restraint and good manners. ”33 A month or so later, in early January 1786, he traveled to Annapolis to visit Governor Smallwood, handing him the glowing letter of introduction Johnson had written. He petitioned the Maryland Assembly for rights, and he also asked for funds to buy a Boulton & Watt steam engine from 34 STEAM England.

BROTHER SAINTMAKERS 43 Fitch, flush with cash for the first time in years, was ready to get started but was still waiting to hear from Nancarrow. After Fitch sent a few reminders, Nancarrow replied with a set of drawings that disappointed Fitch greatly. “[It] was to work upon the old-fashioned plan of engines [Newcomen’s], and to have a weight to raise the piston,” Fitch described. “I was too dogmatical to be led into that plan, and had assurance enough to set up my opinion against the one who was esteemed the greatest engineer in America.

But Donaldson stalled; he asked Fitch for some time to think the offer over. The next time Fitch was in Philadelphia, Donaldson promised, he would have an answer for him. While Fitch waited for Donaldson’s decision, he went to Trenton and petitioned the New Jersey Assembly for exclusive navigation rights for his steamboat. During his years in Trenton as a silversmith before the war, Fitch knew many of the town’s influential people. One was a well-to-do businessman named John Cox who promised to help Fitch financially if his New Jersey rights came through.

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