By H. Lee Jones, Dana Gardner

Определитель дает возможность идентификации всех fifty four видов птиц Белиза, известных на настоящее время. Виды сгруппированы по семействам, каждое их которых охарактеризовано по уникальным свойствам и особенностям поведения. Описание вида содержит всю информацию, необходимую для идентификации в природе: научные и обычные названия, особенности оперения, характеристики звуков и сигналов, местообитания, распространение и статус охраны. Полноцветные иллюстрации, выполненные известной художницей-анималистом Данной Гарднер, представляют самцов и самок, молодых и взрослых, типичные и альтернативные варианты окраски, способствуют визуальной идентификации, в то время как 234 карты показывают распространение и сезонность. Книга снабжена детальной библиографией.
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Grzimek's Student Animal Life Resource. Reptiles

Following within the footsteps of Gale's acclaimed Grzimek's Animal lifestyles Encyclopedia, 2d Ed. , Grzimek's scholar Animal lifestyles source bargains extensive, accomplished insurance of the animal state, starting from the easy -- sponges and corals -- to the advanced -- mammals. during this 20-volume set, animals are grouped via significant classifications: sponges; corals; jellyfishes; segmented worms; crustaceans and mollusks; bugs; fishes; amphibians; reptiles birds; and mammals.

Das egoistische Gen: Mit einem Vorwort von Wolfgang Wickler

Ein auch heute noch bedeutsamer Klassiker. day-by-day ExpressSind wir Marionetten unserer Gene? Nach Richard Dawkins´ vor über 30 Jahren entworfener und heute noch immer provozierender those steuern und dirigieren unsere von iteration zu new release weitergegebenen Gene uns, um sich selbst zu erhalten. Alle biologischen Organismen dienen somit vor allem dem Überleben und der Unsterblichkeit der Erbanlagen und sind letztlich nur die "Einweg-Behälter" der "egoistischen" Gene.

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Exploring the realm of Aquatic lifestyles / Изучение Всемирной водной флоры и фауныFrom the sea depths to river rapids, interesting aquatic existence are available in all climates and settings. aimed at younger scholars, the clean, new «Exploring the area of Aquatic lifestyles» set is full of info, naturalistic artwork,helpful maps, and attractive full-color images meant to demonstrate key life-science ideas whereas delivering thorough details at the fish, mammals,and invertebrates that dwell a principally aquatic existence.

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In On the Origins and Progress of Language (1773–9), James Burnett, Lord Monboddo, proposed that no absolute border separated humans and apes. Comparing orangutans and feral children such as Peter the Wolf Boy, Burnett suggested that orangutans were human, lacking only capacity for speech. In 1769 Georges-Louis Leclerc, 54 Fitzinger’s apes, in a 19th-century illustration. Comte de Buffon’s Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière examined relationships between apes and humans and concluded that while apes physically resembled humans and acted like them in various ways, possession of a soul distinguished humans.

4 Nakajima Kaho (1866–1939), Gibbon Reaching for the Moon, ink on paper. In his ‘Poetical Essay on the Dark Gibbon’, Taoist recluse Wu Yun (d. 778) described the gibbon as a being who communed simply with nature. 5 Chinese artists, poets and philosophers expressed compassionate attitudes towards gibbons and condemned hunting them. Chinese paintings often associate gibbons with cranes. Gibbons’ long arms and the cranes’ long necks and legs indicate longevity and both creatures are appreciated for their graceful movements.

While some of Darwin’s ideas were adapted to fit the political context, resulting in the ever-useful notion of ‘survival of the fittest’, other aspects were more troubling. Suggestions of evolutionary links with living apes (still widely misunderstood as direct descent from those apes) disturbed more self-congratulatory notions of human uniqueness, a disturbance that still affects our own time. Just as Linnaeus feared religious persecution for classifying humans as part of the natural order rather than apart from it, Darwin fretted about being seen as a radical atheist insulting human dignity.

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