By Graham Brown

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I’m interested. ” She halted her departure and looked him in the eye. ” The next thirty minutes involved negotiations over timing, charter fees and operating costs. Formalities really, and for the most part quickly out of the way. When they were done, Hawker stood and walked her back to the waiting Land Rover. “I should be in Manaus by tomorrow night,” he said, holding the door as she climbed in. “That works,” she replied, her lips curving upward into a perfect smile. ” Hawker slammed the door, just as the engine roared to life.

He is,” Moore said, bluntly. “One way or another, he’s right about this. You’ve been asked to take it on faith so far, but since you’re now in charge … The test results on the Martin crystals were unequivocal. ” Tritium was a radioactive by-product, one that could only form during a nuclear reaction of some kind. Its presence could mean only one thing. Moore explained. “Somewhere along the line, those crystals were involved in a low-level nuclear reaction. ” she asked. ” Moore squinted into the distance, his blue eyes lit up by the setting sun.

He understood what she was saying: there was more at stake than she could or would tell him. But she needed him to know it in general. It made him wonder how much she knew. She seemed a little young to be in such a position and making such a request. No, he decided, “young” wasn’t the right word. ” Perhaps that’s what people looked like when they still believed in what they did. He couldn’t remember. ” he guessed. ” He’d try another tack, one she’d be able to confirm, at least to some extent.

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