By Tobin J. Marks

content material: value of metal-ligand bond energies in organometallic chemistry: an outline / Tobin J. Marks --
Periodic traits in transition steel bonds to hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen / Peter B. Armentrout --
Organometallic response energetics from product kinetic strength unencumber distributions / Petra A.M. van Koppen, Michael T. Bowers, J.L. Beauchamp, and David V. Dearden --
tools for choosing metal-ligand and metal-metal bond energies utilizing fourier remodel mass spectrometry / Ben S. Freiser --
Gas-phase thermochemistry of organometallic and coordination complicated ions / David E. Richardson, Charles S. Christ, Jr., Paul Sharpe, Matthew F. Ryan, and John R. Eyler --
Ionization energy-bond strength relationships in organometallic chemistry / Dennis L. Lichtenberger and Ann S. Copenhaver --
Thermodynamics and kinetics of transition metal-alkyl homolytic bond dissociation tactics / Jack Halpern --
Cage pair intermediates and activation parameters / T. Koenig, T.W. Scott, and James A. Franz --
Thermodynamic and kinetic reports of binding nitrogen and hydrogen to complexes of chromium, molybdenum, and tungsten / Alberto A. Gonzalez, Kai Zhang, Shakti L. Mukerjee, Carl D. Hoff, G. Rattan okay. Khalsa, and Gregory J. Kubas --
Thermodynamic reports of the hydrogenation and reductive coupling of carbon monoxide by means of rhodium(II) porphyrins / Bradford B. Wayland, Virginia L. Coffin, Alan E. Sherry, and William R. Brennen --
steel and ancillary coordination results on organolanthanide-ligand bond enthalpies : implications for bonding and response styles / Steven P. Nolan, David Stern, David Hedden, and Tobin J. Marks --
Novel extensions of the electrostatic covalent strategy and calorimetric measurements to organometallic structures / Russell S. Drago --
Metal-ligand bond dissociation energies in CpMn(CO)₂L and Cr(CO)₅(olefin) complexes / Jane okay. Klassen, Matthias Selke, Amy A. Sorensen, and Gilbert ok. Yang --
Metal-carbon and metal-hydrogen bond dissociation enthalpies from classical and nonclassical calorimetric experiences / A.R. Dias, H.P. Diogo, D. Griller, M.E. Minas da Piedade, and J.A. Martinho Simões --
Adsorbate-induced restructuring of surfaces : floor thermodynamic puzzle / G.A. Somorjai --
Acid websites on chemically transformed molybdenum surfaces / Peter C. Stair --
Absolute electronegativity, hardness, and bond energies / Ralph G. Pearson --
Gas-phase chemistry of first-row transition steel ions with nitrogen-containing compounds : theoretical and experimental investigations / A. Mavridis, ok. Kunze, J.F. Harrison, and J. Allison --
Periodic developments within the bond energies of transition steel complexes : density sensible thought / Tom Ziegler and Vincenzo Tschinke.

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The validity 01 the phase space analysis for such processes is not surprising. g. reaction 8) indicates a loose transition state is operative in the exit channel. This requires that the alkane being eliminated is strongly interacting with the transition metal center, almost certainly via a significant energy well on the potential energy surface prior to product formation. This suggests an important feature of the reaction coordinate diagram indicated in Figure 6 for the reaction of C o with isobutane.

B. J . Phys. Chem. submitted f o r publication. Reference 22. T o l b e r t , Μ. ; Beauchamp, J . L. J . Phvs. Chem. 1986, 90, 5015. ; Fisher, E. ; Armentrout, P. B. J . Am. Chem. Soc. 1989, 111, 4251. Huber, K. ; Herzberg, G. Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure IV. Constants of Diatomic Molecules. Van Nostrand-Reinhold: New York, 1979. Reference 6. ch002 2. ARMENTROUT 10. 0 Promotion Energy (kcal/mol) 1 n 1 Figure 2. Metal ligand neutral bond energies vs. 4s 3d " promotion energy f o r f i r s t row t r a n s i t i o n metals.

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