By William Harry Mitchell, Leonard Arthur Sawyer

Tом: третий

Британские стандартные суда, построенные во время Первой мировой войны

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16 Expected Charge/Discharge Cycles Best wet cells 6K Golf cart (6V) Typical AGM 4K Charging Cutoff Typical gelled 2K 0K 0 20 40 60 Depth of Discharge, % 80 100 A boat is not an ideal environment, so you should count on getting about half of the cycles shown. Thus, instead of 3,000 discharges to 50% for the best wet-acid battery, you might assume 1,500 cycles. Alternating banks daily, and recharging the banks in parallel, you can project 1,500 recharges × 2 days = 3,000 days, or 8 years. With the same 50% discharge and 2-day cycle, golf cart batteries should last about 5 years, AGMs 4 years, and gelled electrolyte batteries 2 to 3 years.

Rising gas bubbles then mix the electrolyte, and acceptance increases. • Gelled-electrolyte batteries capture the electrolyte in a gel, preventing stratification and increasing initial charge acceptance. “Starved electrolyte batteries” accomplish the same goal by limiting the electrolyte to just enough to saturate the porous separators. • Most serious is the phenomenon of sulfation. , with much of its electrodes in the form of PbSO4), the initially fine, soft deposits grow into larger, harder crystals that clog the holes of the sponged electrodes.

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