By V. Golemansky, N. Chipev

It is a choice of papers providing the medical result of the 3rd Bulgarian Antartic excursion (1995). insurance contains papers on weather conditions, soils, humus formation, crops, soil micro-organisms; actinomyces and streptomyces lines, diatoms, interstitial rhizopods, testate amoebae, soil nematodes, cestodes in birds on the Bulgarian Antartic Base at the Livingston Island, South Shetlands, Antarctic. along with e-book of latest facts, such a lot papers additionally contain short overviews on comparable reports from the Antarctic. Maps and pictures of the studied habitats also are enclosed.

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Gen. Microbiol. 112: 301-314. , K. PAVLOVA, D. GRIGOROVA. 2001. Lipid composition of same strains from the Livingston Island, Antarctica. Folia Microbiol. 46, 5: 401-405. BAR4 Page 35 © PENSOFT Publishers Bulgarian Antarctic Research BIOCHEMICAL CHARACTERISTIC OF ANTARCTIC YEASTS 35 Sofia – Moscow Life Sciences, vol. 4: 35-46, 2004 Biochemical Characteristic of Antarctic Yeasts K. PAVLOVA1*, M. ZLATANOV2, L. KOLEVA3, I. bg ABSTRACT Five yeast strains Cryptococcus albidus 16-1, Cryptococcus laurentii 16-2, Rhodotorula minuta 16-3, Candida oleophila 23-1 and Rhodotorula mucilaginosa 23-2, isolated from Antarctic soils and mosses were investigated.

PISHTIYSKI 36 KEY WORDS Antarctica, yeasts, proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids, fatty acids. , 1989; Vincent & Williams, 1989; Vishniac, 1999; Wynn-Williams 1996b). Microorganisms regulate membrane lipid composition in response to environmental temperature which plays an important role in the regulation of their fatty acid component (Brenner, 1984; Hasel,1995). The maximum growth temperatures, which vary from >15 and <20°C to >20 and <25°C for biotypes of yeast strain Cryptococcus antarcticus, affect fatty acid composition (Vishniac & Kurtzman, 1992).

TSAI. 1995. Biosci. Biotech. , 59, 2239-2243. ELLMAN G. L. 1959. Arch. Biochem. , 82, 70-77. GROSS T. J. 1968. Apll. , 31, 36-53. , M. ORIOL, M-J. MONTES, A. GARCIA, J. GUINEA. 2001. Secondary Metabolites from a Streptomyces Strain isolated from Livingston, Island, Antractica. Zeitscheift fur Naturforschung, 56c: 1-5. , K. ALEKSIEVA, M. KOLAROVA, V. CHIPEVA, R. SCHEGEL, B. SCHEGEL, U GRAEFE. 2002. , an Antractic licheu . Die Pharmazie, 57; 73-73. , L. YOCHEVA, R. SCHLEGEL, U. GRAEFE, M. KOLAROVA, K.

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