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Приведены сведения по распространению, экологии и поведению бабочек Индийского полуострова, способствующие развитию деятельности, связанной с наблюдением живых организмов. Книга представляет собой источник визуальной и фактической информации для всех, кто интересуется живой природой, стимулируя внимание к природному богатству Индии.
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The Menai Straits, a narrow channel of the Irish Sea between the Welsh mainland and the Isle of Anglesey, have unusual tidal conditions, with shelter from the large waves, and strong currents that come from two directions. The distinct zoning of sponges and seaweeds offshore reflects this strange configuration. Lyme Regis and Charmouth to Seatown, on the Dorset coast, are a mix of tall cliffs and tumbling boulders that yield dinosaur, and other fossils, on this famous Jurassic Coast. Robin Hood's Bay, south of Whitby, North Yorkshire, on the North York Moors Heritage Coast, provides a marvellous variety of habitats, from low shelving beaches, through stony piles, to steeper cliffs.

Ills and mountains are not only higher than their surrounding lowlands, but also cooler and windier, and often wetter. 5°C for each 100 metres of altitude, so a 1,000-metre peak is about 5°C colder than nearby sea level. These conditions bring about many different montane (mountainous) habitats, often in small patchworks, according to factors such as the steepness of slope, the underlying rock type, exposure to the sun’s rays, and to the prevailing winds, as well as climatic effects like the rain shadow.

Bird life may be easily seen at a lake, but under the surface is a hidden world of fish, from small sticklebacks to massive carp, as well as frogs and other amphibians. Crustaceans range from tiny freshwater shrimps, to hard-cased crayfish. Freshwater snails, cockles, mussels and other molluscs can be found, plus insect nymphs, flatworms, bloodworms, and Horsehair Worms, among other invertebrates. Sometimes mistaken for a swimming Brown Rat, the Water Vole has a blunter nose, wider face, and small ears almost hidden by its fur.

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