By Maeve O'Connor G. E. W. Wolstenholme

Chapter 1 Chairman's commencing feedback (pages 1–2): A. Haddow
Chapter 2 Theories of Carcinogenesis (pages 3–11): I. Hieger
Chapter three Observations at the Oppenheimer approach to Inducing Tumours through Subcutaneous Implantation of Plastic movies (pages 12–25): P. Alexander and E. S. Horning
Chapter four Mechanism of Carcinogenesis via Viruses (pages 26–40): Jacob Furth
Chapter five Initiation and advertising in Carcinogenesis (pages 41–54): A. L. Walpole
Chapter 6 a few New Implications of the Two?Stage Mechanism within the research of epidermis Carcinogenesis (pages 55–69): I. Berenblum
Chapter 7 using Cocarcinogens within the learn of Carcinogenesis (pages 70–82): M. H. Salaman
Chapter eight The Mechanism of Hormonal Carcinogenesis (pages 83–94): O. Muhlbock and L. M. Boot
Chapter nine Carcinogenesis in Alloxan?Diabetic Rats (pages 95–105): F. Bielschowsky and Marianne Bielschowsky
Chapter 10 basic dialogue (pages 106–109):
Chapter eleven Pharmacological method of Carcinogenesis (pages 110–130): H. Druckrey
Chapter 12 Immunological facets of melanoma (pages 131–164): H. N. Green
Chapter thirteen lack of particular mobile Antigen when it comes to Carcinogenesis (pages 165–178): Eberhardt Weiler
Chapter 14 The Relation of Protein Binding to Hydrocarbon Carcinogenesis (pages 179–196): Charles Heidelberger
Chapter 15 The impression of edition in Experimental strategy in Amine Carcinogenesis (pages 197–217): Georgiana M. Bonser, L. Bradshaw, D. B. Clayson and J. W. Jull
Chapter sixteen The Biochemical Mechanisms of Induction of Bladder melanoma (pages 218–232): E. Boyland
Chapter 17 the character of the Neoplastic Transformation in Lymphoid Tumour Induction (pages 233–248): Henry S. Kaplan
Chapter 18 experiences at the Mechanism of Leukaemogenesis through Ionizing Radiation (pages 249–273): A. C. Upton
Chapter 19 Carcinogenesis via Leukaemic Cell?Free Extracts in Mice (pages 274–299): Raymond Latarjet
Chapter 20 the prospective function of Metals and of steel Chelation within the Carcinogenic procedure (pages 300–307): A. Haddow
Chapter 21 difficulties of checking out arrangements for Carcinogenic houses within the Chemical (pages 308–322): C. Hackmann
Chapter 22 Concluding comments (pages 323–325): Sir Macfarlane Burnet

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3 is of a malignant area of cells which arose in an area remote from the surface of the plastic. This particular tumour has the appearance of a spindle-cell sarcoma, mitoses are numerous, and in most instances there are abnormal anaphase bridges which invariably predominate. In the vast majority of cases, however, connective pockets were formed around the implanted plastic, as will be seen in Fig. 4, but again i t will be seen that the malignant area is in this case remote from the film. I n this respect our observations are in accord with those of Mohr and Nothdurft (1958) who had previously noted that tumour genesis developed in areas remote from the implanted film.

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