By J.H Sweet

Inside of you is the ability to do anythingWhen seven infants are born with no shadows, the fairies worry that humankind may be wasting its closest companions!Cinnabar and her pals need to go back and forth via elf magic to arrive the mysterious and mystery Island of Shadows to attempt and find the misplaced shadows. yet, as though that's not difficult adequate, Madam Toad fears the shadows usually are not simply lost, yet stolen! thankfully, the King and Queen of the Shadowmakers-and even their Griffin-are able to support struggle no matter what is responsible.But the fairies must paintings quick. with out the paranormal defense of shadows, all of mankind will quickly be defenseless.What for those who stumbled on you had magical fairy powers? Meet the ladies of The Fairy Chronicles, another way general women such as you with specified presents. Their amazing adventures will switch the realm!

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Dewberry continued a moment later, looking very serious and scrunching her eyebrows together. qxd 12/14/07 4:40 PM Page 47 handbook sometimes. ” Everyone kept silent. None of the fairies had ever heard of a fairy handbook making noises of any kind. But, then, they had never met a fairy handbook that had just been insulted. Cinnabar thumbed through her handbook quickly and read out the definition of gryphon next to try to smooth over tensions. It seemed that her handbook was a little fearful of being criticized and gave a very detailed definition: ”Gryphon: A gryphon is a magical creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.

The fairies all nodded and extinguished their wands, as they took off from the hawk’s back and made their way down to the turtle. As they landed on her back, she slowly began to swim toward the shore. She was careful that the top part of her shell stayed above the surface of the water at all times, so the fairies would not get swept away by waves. The ride on the sea turtle was pretty choppy, and Mimosa got a little queasy with seasickness. Her skin turned a weird green color, and she moaned, holding her stomach.

Madam Toad drew their attention again as she continued to speak. ” She paused for a few moments with everyone watching her closely and waiting anxiously for her to go on. ” The fairies all looked at one another apprehensively. Mother Nature was the guardian of magical creatures and the supervisor of all of nature. She was extremely busy and very powerful, and usually only contacted the fairies when there were serious matters to be dealt with. Mother Nature was often in dangerous forms such as flood, sleet, hailstorm, avalanche, and tidal wave.

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