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This obtainable textual content brings jointly mathematical ideas that might be integral to each scholar, instructor, practitioner, and person of chemistry- or biology-related laboratory paintings. Responding to the troubles of either teachers and scholars, CLINICAL LABORATORY MATHEMATICS starts off with a evaluation of mathematics and algebra. subsequent, it provides example-rich chapters on exponential notation and logarithms, rounding and determine importance, size structures, strategies and concentrations, dilutions, proportionality, graphs, charges of switch, information, chemistry, quality controls, and process evaluate. It solutions commonly asked questions, identifies universal misunderstandings, and gives an not obligatory complicated part on-line. all through, the writer explains why a great knowing of math is necessary in trendy high-technology scientific laboratories. perform difficulties are strategically designed to provide real-world situations with either context and end result. assisting either self-guided examine and standard lecture-discussion, the textual content is logically equipped and liberally cross-referenced, revealing hidden connections and customary motifs.

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Then, = 16. 10 3 31 32 chapter 1 • Arithmetic and Algebra E x ample 2 240 = ? 6 Apply the rule of multiplying by the reciprocal: 240 * 10 6 First, multiply 240 by 10 and then divide by 6: 240 * 10 = 2400 2400 = 400 6 E x ample 3 834 = ? 2 to 3. Then, break the problem down: 830 800 + 30 800 30 = = + 3 3 3 3 This quotient is between 250 (3 * 250 = 750) and 300 (3 * 300 = 900), though closer to 250. Thus, round it off to 250. This quotient is 10. 625. Percentage Problems E x ample 1 20% of 380 = ?

Each pink double-headed arrow links a number on the logarithmic scale (the scale on the right) to its logarithm on the arithmetic scale (the scale on the left). 43 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 10000 A Bacterial cells per mL Bacterial cells per mL Chapter 2 • Exponential Notation and Logarithms B 1000 100 10 1 0 1 2 3 0 4 1 2 3 4 Incubation time (h) Incubation time (h) Inoculation n Figure 2-4 Growth data for a culture of E. coli in liquid medium. Panel A: Data plotted on arithmetic scales.

91 0. 2 ΋3 8. (LO 7) Evaluate the following expressions. 0174 4. (LO 2, 4, 5) Evaluate the following expressions. Express each answer as a reduced fraction or a mixed number. 9. (LO 9) Solve each equation for x. 93 8(x + 4) 4 10. (LO 11) Solve each equation for x. 035 6 x 26 chapter 1 • Arithmetic and Algebra Contextual Problems 1. (LO 1, 9) The Friedewald formula provides a calculated estimate of the concentration of LDL cholesterol in serum, given three other measured concentrations: conc. of LDL cholesterol = (total conc.

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