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In short, going to 64 bits is likely to work for quite a while. 37. RPC over UDP takes only two packets instead of three. However, RPC has a problem if the reply does not fit in one packet. 38. Yes. Packet 6 acknowledges both the request and the FIN. If each one were acknowledged separately, we would have 10 packets in the sequence. Alternatively, Packet 9, which acknowledges the reply, and the FIN could also be split into two separate packets. Thus, the fact that there are nine packets is just due to good luck.

6 Mbps. 52. Yes. An error in an I-frame will cause errors in the reconstruction of subsequent P-frames and B-frames. In fact, the error will continue to propagate until the next I-frame. 53. With 100,000 customers each getting two movies per month, the server outputs 200,000 movies per month or about 6600 per day. , the server must handle about 3300 movies at once. 2 Gbps. Using OC-12 connections, with a SPE capacity of 594 Mbps each, at least 23 connections will be needed. A machine serving 3300 movies simultaneously over 23 OC-12 connections is not a small machine.

Thus, the percent errors are 28, 31, and 10 percent, respectively. 40 PROBLEM SOLUTIONS FOR CHAPTER 7 47. In theory it could be used, but Internet telephony is real time. For music, there is no objection to spending 5 minutes to encode a 3-minute song. For real-time speech, that would not work. Psychoacoustic compression could work for telephony, but only if a chip existed that could do the compression on the fly with a delay of around 1 msec. 48. It takes 50 msec to get a pause command to the server, in which time 6250 bytes will arrive, so the low-water mark should be way above 6250, probably 50,000 to be safe.

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