By Tom Kratman

#2 within the leap forward Countdown modern day army experience series.  Brutally powerful retired military colonel Wes Stauer instructions a crack outfit of former comrades to tug off a miracle mission.  yet Stauer also needs to harness and direct the brute inside of himself – a beast he'll want for you to break an clever enemy who's as implacable as Stauer himself.

War is brutal.  Colonel Wes Stauer gets it.  He ought to.  He used to be one among war’s such a lot brutal practitioners – let alone one among its most well known and least bloody.  Brutal sure; silly no.  Now, not just needs to Stauer command his crack outfit of former comrades and pull off one more miracle venture, he also needs to harness and direct the brute inside of himself – a beast he'll desire with a view to break an clever enemy who's as implacable as Stauer himself. ok, almost as implacable. there'll be war.  And there'll be warriors like Wes Stauer who've the knowledge and, as soon as set in movement, the unstoppable specialist force, to work out the undesirable men to their graves and ruin each final earthly piece in their nasty legacies.

About Tom Kratman’s army thrillers and armed forces technology fiction:
“Kratman's dystopia is a brisk web page turner choked with startling twists…[Kratman is] a certified army man…up to hurry on army and geopolitical conceits.” –Best-selling writer of America by myself Mark Steyn on Tom Kratman’s uncompromising army SF mystery, Califate

“Kratman increases disquieting questions about what it could take to win the conflict on terror…realistic motion sequences, robust characterizations and innovations at the philosophy of war.” – Publishers Weekly

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Assuming that the ass-fuckers can find their targets, of course. This is not something I can guarantee. Unfortunately, we can’t have them paste the gringo mercenaries. Or at least we can’t count on having them do it. There’s usually a regular battalion or two of gringos training there. Too risky to take a chance bombing them, even if the current regime in Washington is in sympathy with us. Note to self: work really hard on getting the United States to not send anybody to train there during the time we’ll be operating.

We stayed away from RPG-7’s. Instead we’ve got RPG-16’s. For medium antiarmor work we’ve got Vampires. Chile sold us a couple of dozen Israeli-built 60mm High Velocity guns on old QF Six Pounder carriages, plus spare barrels and a shitload of ammunition. We’ve got a very limited number of SPG-9’s. We didn’t bother with antitank guided missiles, other than a couple of launchers in your battalion, and Reilly’s antitank platoon, because the terrain just doesn’t generally suit them. “For artillery we went French, because they were available.

And so you see, Mr. ” Even though, since your friends at Metalurgica Van Dam refitted the French tanks, the turrets won’t even turn and a machine gun can penetrate the sides. At least they look threatening. “Thus, all that is available for the liberation of our Province of Guyana is Fifth Infantry Division, the Parachute Brigade, reinforced by a certain portion of our commando strength—whatever can be spared from the confrontation with Colombia—every helicopter we can muster, and the Marine Corps, and a small portion of Novena.

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