By Kat Martin

The Louisiana solar beat mercilessly on Nicole St. Claire simply as destiny, too, have been cruel. The as soon as filthy rich, flirtatious belle stood at the public sale block to be offered as a servant. Her sensual determine disguised, her wonderful titian hair matted, she appeared like a waif, yet she used to be all lady, trembling while she famous the maximum bidder—idol of her adolescence desires, the landlord of plantation Belle Chene.

a guy of blazing ardour, Alex du Villier acquired the lady out of pity, yet her aqua eyes stirred his soul and her physique ignited his blood. She stands out as the ideal mistress to make him fail to remember his coming marriage to a chilly, haughty heiress. Now he meant to coach this blameless good looks that even though he had bought her freedom, he may scouse borrow her heart.

An affair of burning wishes. . . . below a Creole moon their ardour grew to become a wildfire neither may keep an eye on, riding them to heart-wrenching offerings of silken sin . . . or freedom and love.

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But the advantages, at least as far as Belle Chene and the du Villiers were concerned, far outweighed the obstacles. " As his wife, Clarissa would have her say in family matters, that much was only fair, but the final decisions would be his. He had made that clear before they'd decided to marry. He was certain it wouldn't be the last time he would have to make his point. Clarissa seemed to be weighing her next words. "You're right, darling, of course. And speaking of responsibilities, that's one of the things I wanted to discuss.

Name's Patrick O'Flannery. " He smiled again; a pleasant, honest smile, it seemed. "Sidesaddle's all right, I guess, but if you really want t' ride, you've got t' sit astride like a man. " She still couldn't believe it. But he'd said he would, and Alex did what he said. " Nicki's eyes lit up. Patrick O'Flannery had the look of the blarney, but one never knew for sure. " "Nothin' like that. com/processtext/ It sounded like heaven. "I'd love to ride Napoleon," she said, just itching to feel the big blooded stallion beneath her.

They ached a little from the uncomfortable bonds, but it was a small enough price to pay. It dawned on her suddenly, she would have to find something to replace the dirty lengths of petticoat-she couldn't stand the thought of putting them on again. Glancing around the chamber, she noticed it opened into a bigger room and peeked inside to find a larger chamber gaudy with frills and cloying with the smell of sweet perfume. Wondering whose room it could possibly be, she quietly backed away and returned to the task at hand.

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