By Stephen Coonts, William H. Keith Jr.

Deep in the NSA is table 3, a top-secret unit of exact operatives inserted into the sphere whilst the probability is excellent and the reaction calls for sensitivity and invisibility. Charlie Dean, a former Marine sniper, is a senior officer. together with his colleagues Lia DeFrancesca and newcomer Ilya Akulinin, they shape the center of a high-tech staff often called Deep Black.

Off the coast of Africa lie the attractive Canary Islands, a inn vacation spot of millionaires. beneath this idyllic paradise is likely one of the so much risky fault traces on this planet. There, an alliance among radical Islamic terrorists and a rogue part of the chinese language executive is making plans to unharness an act of incredible geological terrorism which could devastate the U.S. East Coast, amazing it with waves as much as 1000 toes excessive. They plan to trigger nuclear units to precipitate a huge landslide that might ship a death-dealing tsunami around the Atlantic.

In the valuable Asian Republic of Tajikistan twelve nuclear warheads, stolen through the Russian Mafia, are approximately to be smuggled in another country and added into the palms of the conspirators. Charlie and Ilya pass on an intercept venture, yet sooner than they could retrieve them, the guns vanish.

Meanwhile, in a resort in New Jersey, a bestselling writer is assassinated to avoid the discharge of his stranger-than-fiction tale approximately an Islamic plot to alter the process background. Lia, Charlie’s female friend, is distributed to Berlin to infiltrate the empire of a ruthless chinese language billionaire whose machinations have come to the eye of the NSA. She hazards fast execution if her precise identification is revealed.

Their paths all converge within the Canary Islands. until the Deep Black crew intervenes, the islands may be the epicenter of an apocalypse, with hundreds of thousands of lives---and the complete global order---at stake.

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