By James Axler

America's post-holocaust nightmare maintains as Ryan Cawdor returns to the mammoth urman slum that was ny City...and discovers a bit of the future...

because the raming band of survivors search desperately to flee the eerie wastes and mutated life-forms in their nuclear hell, they emerge from a gateway again into the ruins of ny the concrete battlefield the place Ryan had avanged the dying of his father and older brother.

the town is a flooded hellzone governed via highway gangs adn hordes of reptilian mutants who inhabit the sewers. less than this city smash lives the self-styled King of the Underground, presiding over his subterranean citadel full of prenuke memorabilia. And the following, during this as soon as nice city, lives a ten-year-old boy. he's Ryan Cawdor's son...

the youngsters shall inherit the Earth.

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I recall a square-rigger around the Horn when I" He caught the look on Ryan's face. "Sorry. " As soon as he was outside, Ryan gestured to Mildred. " She was halfway up, carefully planting her feet sideways on the narrow rungs, when another cable broke. This time the effect was much more spectacular, the elevator suddenly unjamming itself. It dropped four or five feet, the sides screeching against the rocky walls of the shaft. They all heard the cable take the weight, booming like a gigantic tuning fork.

I know, Doc. " "Look around you. There's the control room. No other exits. One door into the gateway. One outside. " He looked stricken, hooded eyes darting from one friend to another. Then the old man realized Ryan was correct. Apart from the double airlock where they stood, the only other door bore the familiar sign Entry Absolutely Forbidden to All Except B18 and Above Personnel. All Personnel Must Have NASA-SEC Clearance Pass at All Times. "Most said B18 Personnel, and I've never seen anything about that NASA-SEC pass before, either," he said.

The usual immensely heavy sec door they'd encounter had a simple, consistent number code. To open it you keyed in 352 and to close it, 253. This was something else. The door was much lighter, with an armaglass panel set in its top half and a central wheel control to open and close it. There was no comp-panel at its side to work the mechanism. Doc peered through the window, shading it with his hand against the myriad reflecting lights. "Upon my soul," he said, almost to himself. " The old man answered Ryan without turning his head.

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