By James Axler

Touring to the wastelands of the forty-ninth parallel to rescue his son, Ryan Cawdor, with his band of post-apocalyptic survivors, needs to conflict a legion of hunter androids, designed to kill intruders.

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But what he'd also had was luck. This time it was luck that saved him. The patterned floor was simply a huge death trap, triggered by his weight. A massive jolt of electricity ran through the steel tiles, designed to fry anything and anybody. The mechanism was a hundred years old, designed in the megacull times before the ancient Earth died. The nuke generator responded nobly to the sudden call on its resources, providing the surge of power. But the wiring had rusted and frayed, attacked by damp and cold.

Both of them drew their blasters, flattening against the curved wall, one on each side. There was no cover at all. Then Ryan heard it, a peculiar noise, snuffling, halfway between the cooing of a wood pigeon and the whimpering of a young puppy. He glanced at Jak, who shrugged his shoulders. The noise grew closer. Jak laughed, holstering his Magnum. " He shook his head. "Heard of 'em. Never seen. " Ryan also bolstered his SIG-Sauer, finding his own face breaking into a smile. He'd once heard an old man, singing in a gaudy someplace, talk about how people didn't like to eat "cute" food.

Good to see she's finally got you to learn something useful," Ryan commented. " The white face turned to him, the narrow eyes looking suspicious. " "Course not. Just that you seem content here. Good place and Christina's a good, good woman, Jak. " He concentrated on the eggs. " One by one the rest came down to join them. Doc was last, rubbing sleep from his rheumy eyes. "Oh, what a fearful sluggard and lagabed am I! Hope there's plenty of victuals left. I swear I could demolish a horse. " "Only some pig and some hen fruit, Doc," Christina said, smiling.

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