By James Axler

A nuclear apocalypse nearly destroyed Western civilization in 2001, leaving as a substitute the forbidding international of Deathlands. although the human spirit has now not been damaged, the nuw ideas of survival are harsh and barbaric. As barons struggle for energy in a savage new the United States, energy is said with the salvaged arsenals of a predark international: guns, fuel and people prepared to kill.

The Marshall Islands, as soon as the checking out grounds for twentieth-century guns olf mass destruction, is still perversely appealing. however the infested waters turn into the battleground for looting pirates and sec males in still-functional army PT boats, all pushed via greed and insanity to plunder the predark caches of technology and know-how hidden within the islands. Ryan Cawdor and his warrior band emerge during this perilous waterworld, stuck in a grim struggle to release the secrets and techniques of the previous.

within the Deathlands, the associated fee for survival is excessive.

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The big man swallowed a few times to clear his mouth. Fireblast! They hadn't had a jump this bad in weeks. For one terrible moment, he wondered if the machinery had malfunctioned, scrambled their insides, or something equally awful. But then the convulsions racking his body began to subside, and Ryan could hear the moans and curses of the others around him. Nobody was screaming, and there was no smell of blood. No malfunc then, just a rad-blasted bad jump. Dimly he could sense the others spreading out, all instinctively trying to get away from the source of their pain.

A knife appeared from within his sleeve, and, grabbing a fat green vine he cut through. Clear fluid gushed from the severed stem, soon slowing to a trickle, then a steady flow of drops. Mildred sniffed the fluid, then allowed a drop to land on the back of her hand. When there was no pain, she scratched her skin with a thumbnail and let another drop flow over the tiny wound. "Doesn't stink, or sting," she said and lapped a little from her cupped palm. " The teenager shrugged. "Done before. " As the companions trudged on, they cut the fat vines and caught the initial flow into their canteens until the containers were full, then drank directly from the gushing vines.

Mildred scrunched her face. " The teen nodded. B. asked, pausing in his work. "Sure. But take longer cook. " Picking at his teeth with a splinter of wood, Ryan grunted in annoyance. A hardware store would have exactly what they wanted, but those were almost always looted. "So we concentrate on the better houses, or any resort hotels still standing," the Deathlands warrior decided. "Twelve feet should do us. Just remember that old copper cracks easy, so be bastard careful removing it. " Doc beamed.

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