By Nenad Jukic, Tania Neild

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Successes and Failures of Economic Transition: The European Experience

This book assumes transformation of former socialist nations of Europe to a industry financial system to be a political inspiration, having a begin and an finish. Transformation is analyzed from the viewpoint of the tip (EU membership), and never of the inherited burdens from the socialist approach. also, the authors examine the result of transformation and its skill to enhance social criteria, source of revenue, and progress.

Gynaecological Oncology, Second Edition

Offering a radical and up to date review of the complete variety of gynaecological cancers, Gynaecological Oncology is a concise advent, fairly important for trainees practicing postgraduate examinations. the 1st part contains introductory chapters on epidemiology, screening and prevention, imaging, pathology, surgical procedure, radiation remedy, chemotherapy, and palliation.

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We’re becoming part of the noise. Can we stop being noise and become relevant again? Yes! Absolutely we can. But we have to have a new way of speaking to our customers. We have to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the world and be fresh and exciting. We need to transform the way we touch our clients, and integrate ourselves into the very fabric of what they do every day. We have to embrace social networks, digital connections, and the online experience and build an organization that embraces conversation and transparency.

Com domain. com, owned the MySpace URL and had intentions of creating a hosting site. DeWolfe believed that they should charge for MySpace membership, whereas eUniverse CEO Brad Greenspan felt that it was necessary to keep MySpace free and open in order to make it a large and successful community. It turned out that Brad was right. DeWolfe and several other employees were later able to purchase equity in the new MySpace entity and its parent company eUniverse, which was renamed Intermix Media shortly before it was acquired in July 2005 by News Corporation—the parent company of Fox Broadcasting and other media enterprises.

Most likely we turn to the television to coast through some nightly brain candy. People love video because it’s the next best thing to being in the same room with someone who is sharing his or her knowledge and experiences. You can hear the words, imagine the images she is conveying, and also watch and become involved in the video that is taking place at that moment. We can see what the author is explaining, and become emotionally involved in the scene. We can hear the actors’ inflections while experiencing their facial expressions and body language.

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