By Andy McNab

Andy McNab - Detonator (Nick Stone Thriller)

Ex-SAS, ex-Black Ops, Nick Stone returns and this time he wishes vengeance. At any rate. Ex-deniable operator Nick Stone has spent a life-time in harm's manner -- but if an individual he cares for terribly deeply is murdered in chilly blood, he can now not simply take the discomfort. A high-level internecine clash on the darkish center of the resurgent Russian Empire and an assassin's bullet on an remoted Alpine cross? propel him from an it sounds as if run-of-the-mill close-protection activity into his so much brutal and hard challenge but. because the physique count number raises, Stone turns into considered one of Europe's such a lot sought after. He needs to stay clear of the elite police forces of 3 international locations in his pursuit of faceless males who exchange in human distress, and a lone wolf terrorist who threatens to unharness the Western World's worst nightmare. Vengeance of the main explosive sort is most sensible of Stone's time table. The fuse has been ignited - yet who quite holds the detonator?

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