By Elissa Malcohn

TripStone hates to kill her gods yet she needs to feed her humans. An complete hunter within the Masari village of Crossroads, she is charged with the ritual slaying of the sacred Yata. Her comrade Ghost attempts to finish Masari dependence on Yata meat by means of acting experiments punishable by means of dying. His jeopardy raises whilst he shelters a teenage runaway sickened via fasting. Their worldview shatters once they harbor a Yata lady raised to be farm animals rather than a god. yet Crossroads itself is imperiled. Hidden within the a long way woods, a mystery Yata military is getting ready to change the stability of energy.

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Breathing hard, his face set in a mask, he snatched his training rifle from the dirt. 40 Elissa Malcohn Deviations: Covenant CHAPTER 10 Zai checked and rechecked a woven satchel of clothing, toys, tools. When she was satisfied, she laced it up with strips of chewed goatskin. She turned the bundle this way and that, inspected her mending, then lashed her cooking pot to the outside and hauled the pack across her shoulders, securing it into place. A double-sling of leather hung loosely against her front.

She thrust it at Ila and turned away. He squinted as he read. Zai walked slowly around the hut, stopping to peer at each flame, her hands pulling at her braid. She jumped when he suddenly laughed. " She whirled on him. " 34 Elissa Malcohn Deviations: Covenant He chuckled, shaking his head. "Don't you see? " He waved the list. "They are a cursed people, Zai, forever in our debt. We control whether they live or die. They are afflicted with their killing. " He touched her knife pocket. " Her teeth gritted.

To the snot-nosed boys who now had the audacity to sport beards and look like men. When did that happen? Time passed too quickly. He should make the trip abroad from Crossroads more often. Perhaps Rudder would have something for him on his return leg, when he'd finished trying his luck in blasted Promontory. Not fair, to pass from the breezy oasis of Rudder into hardscrabble rock and puny brush whose shade extended only to his boots. Thank the gods he remembered to take his broadbrimmed hat. Not a friendly place, this town.

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