By L.B. Halstead; Jenny Halstead

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5m living reptile. 75m deep (6yft across and 2yft deep) excavated at the summit. In this depression were the skeletal remains of 11 young hadrosaurs up to lm in length and all with worn teeth. This means that after hatching the young stayed together living in a nest site that must have been extremely conspicuous in the landscape - an open invitation to any passing predator. The only explanation for such an occurrence is that the site must have been under the protection of the adults. Presumably the young would have followed the parent while feeding and at night would have been protected by the proximity of the adults somewhat in the manner of, say, ostriches, although it is not possible to imagine the 3 tonne adults actually on the nest.

On the basis of this new study the reconstruction that Newman produced showed Tyrannosaurus standing in a completely different manner to that seen in all the older restoration versions. The next stage was the realisation from an examination of the limbs and pelvic girdle that Tyrannosaurus was incapable of taking large strides. In fact its stride was not much longer than the length of its foot. This proves that Tyrannosaurus was a very slow moving dinosaur and not able to walk at much more than 5kph (3mph), less 44 than the speed of a man walking.

The arms are about half the length of the hind limbs and there are three long clawed fingers. The fifth finger is missing and the fourth reduced to a vestige without any sign of a claw. Coelophysis used to be classified in the family based holyokensis from the Portland Formation of the Upper Triassic, of Massachusetts, where the but in 1947 E. on Podekosaurus Newark Sandstones, H. Colbert excavated had been discovered in 1881. Colbert's excavation uncovered dozens upon dozens the 48 site original fragments of Coelophysis of Coelophysis skeletons all piled on top of one another, all complete and intertwined.

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