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Although a citizen had fewer opportunities to participate in the government during the Empire, Romans still valued their citizenship. In fact, the emperor often used citizenship as a reward to gain the loyalty and cooperation of those he conquered. As citizens of the Roman Empire, people in the provinces, such as Greeks, Spaniards, and Syrians, enjoyed the protection of Roman law. Since they were treated as equals, they were less likely to rebel. « 56 » Chapter 4 The LANDS and RELIGIONS of the EMPIRE Discover Ancient Rome T he Roman Empire grew so much that it eventually touched on all the lands bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

66, they rebelled. Titus forcibly ended the revolt in 70, before he became emperor, and destroyed the Temple. That year marked the beginning of the Diaspora, « 63 » Discover Ancient Rome when Jews began leaving Judaea to live in communities scattered throughout the empire. d. 28 or 29, a Jewish carpenter from Nazareth named Jesus began preaching about God in an area north of Jerusalem called Galilee. He claimed to have a relationship with God that was more personal than that experienced by traditional Jews.

39 » Discover Ancient Rome Constantine Builds a New Capital A power struggle followed Diocletian’s rule. The winner was Constantine, who became the sole ruler of a reunited empire in 324. He was a very forceful leader who broke with tradition in two important ways. First, he embraced and encouraged the spread of Christianity throughout the empire, even though he continued to tolerate other beliefs. Second, in 330 he moved the empire’s capital from Rome east to Byzantium, an ancient city later renamed Constantinople in his honor.

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