By Gerhard K. Kraetzschmar

This ebook offers a scientific in-depth research of a category of multiple-context assumption-based multiagent reasoning difficulties, standard, e.g., for dispensed making plans, scheduling, and keep watch over. First, logical and architectural foundations are supplied to build the 2 structures XFRMS and MXFRMS permitting the improvement of extra complicated utilities. Then the expertise constructed for XFRMS within the single-agent case is extra greater to the multiagent scenario. The multiagent RMS MXFRMS presents, besides XFRMS, a superb origin for development extra complicated utilities, comparable to plan or agenda upkeep platforms. within the ultimate bankruptcy, the software program engineer faced with the duty of creating a manageable multiagent process can discover a dialogue of power makes use of and destiny extensions of the platforms provided.

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R e a s o n i n g " C h e c k i n g s c h e d u l e s . Given the above representation of Patricia Perfect's meeting scheduling problem in a database F of HPL clauses, a schedule is determined by a set FD of scheduling decisions. 3 Generic Single Agent Reason Maintenance 43 decisions FA1 = { decision (m], boston, mon), decision (m2, boston, tue), decision (m3, seattle, wed), decision (rna, seattle, thu ) , decision (ms, seattle, fri), decision (f, boston, sat) }. Patricia can apply an HPL proof procedure to check consistency and completeness of schedules by determining whether F U FAt I-HPL _L and F U FA] F-HPLcomplete hold or not and to determine consequences of scheduling decisions, like whether Tom needs a flight to Seattle on Wednesday or hotel room in Seattle on Thursday, by determining whether F U FA1 ~-HPLflight(seattle, wed) and F U FA1 hHPL hotel(seattle, thu) hold or not.

5). The remainder of the text is structured into the following five chapters: 9 Single Agent Reason Maintenance (Chapter 2), 9 XFRMS: A Single Agent Focus-Based Reason Maintenance System (Chapter 3), 9 Multiagent Reason Maintenance (Chapter 4), 9 MXFRMS: A Multiagent Focus-Based Reason Maintenance System (Chapter 5), and 9 Conclusions (Chapter 6). The Bibliography is appended at the end. My thesis is supplemented by two technical reports ([Kraetzschmar, 1996b] and [Kraetzschmar, 1996a]) which describe the implementations of X F R M S and M X F R M S .

I n i t i a l S o l u t i o n G e n e r a t i o n : Patricia's line of reasoning in order to solve her scheduling problem looks as follows: Patricia starts with scheduling the first meeting. As Tom said nothing about where it should take place, Patricia assumes that it is held in Boston on Monday. Neither flight nor hotel reservation are necessary for Monday, because Tom spends the weekend as well as Monday night at his home in Boston. With a similar line of reasoning, Patricia schedules the second meeting for Tuesday in Boston.

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