By Franco Milicchio

This ebook indicates intimately tips on how to construct enterprise-level safe, redundant, and hugely scalable companies from scratch on best of the open resource Linux working method, compatible for small businesses in addition to large universities. The center structure provided relies on Kerberos, LDAP, AFS, and Samba. it's proven the right way to combine internet, message similar, info base and different providers with this spine. This structure presents a Single-Sign-On resolution for various purchaser systems and will even be hired for clustering. even though it is applied with Debian GNU/Linux, the content material may be utilized to different UNIX flavors.

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Actually, the NS entry is the second resource record in the configuration file, since the first one was the SOA entry. 2 Domain Name System 21 the IP address. edu, then our direct zone mapping file could be like the following: $ORIGIN . edu. ( 2006041301 900 300 864000 1800 ) NS dns. edu. 80 Observe the dot at the end of NS and $ORIGIN entries. Right now we have specified just two host names, our name server itself and the time server. Reverse Database The other task of a name server is to map IP addresses back to names, reading the entries from the reverse database we have decided in the bind configuration file.

Fig. 2. 1 Kerberos Network Authentication Protocol 35 The encrypted data sent from the KDC to the client and intended for the requested service is called ticket. The encoded service acknowledge request is called authenticator . The secret key of a user is the password needed for decrypting the message from the KDC whereas a service has usually stored its secret key locally on the host where it is running. In practice users do not have to type their passwords each time they request a service, since Kerberos provides a helper service called Ticket Granting Service.

203. Slave Configuration On the slave machine we proceed exactly as we did for the master host. options file located in /etc/bind/. 3 Redundant Services 27 The auth-nxdomain is set to no in order to conform to RFC 1035, by not answering as an authoritative DNS if the server is not configured to be one. The default location is set to /var/cache/bind/, and it is a good idea not to interfere with the system /etc/ directory. local on the slave is similar to the master, with the obvious exception of the type.

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