By Haijun Li, Xiaohu Li

Stochastic Orders in Reliability and hazard Management consists of nineteen contributions at the idea of stochastic orders, stochastic comparability of order facts, stochastic orders in reliability and hazard research, and functions. those review/exploratory chapters current contemporary and present learn on stochastic orders pronounced on the overseas Workshop on Stochastic Orders in Reliability and threat administration, or SORR2011, which happened within the urban lodge, Xiamen, China, from June 27 to June 29, 2011. The conference’s talks and invited contributions additionally symbolize the party of Professor Moshe Shaked, who has made entire, primary contributions to the idea of stochastic orders and its functions in reliability, queueing modeling, operations study, economics and danger research. This quantity is in honor of Professor Moshe Shaked. The paintings provided during this quantity represents lively study on stochastic orders and multivariate dependence, and exemplifies shut collaborations among students operating in several fields. The Xiamen Workshop and this quantity search to restore the group workshop culture on stochastic orders and dependence and increase examine collaboration, whereas honoring the paintings of a unique student.

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SHAKED, M. A. SORDO, AND A. 14) was shown ˜ Y˜ ) and in Shaked et al. [428] to imply (X, Y ) =GDO1 -cx (X, ˜ ˜ (X, Y ) =GDO2 -st (X, Y ). 10 can also yield a sufficient condition for the order ≤GDO3 -disp . 11. Let (X, Y ) and (X, st ˜ st ˜ such that X = X and Y = Y . Suppose that the corresponding func˜ defined in Eq. 9), are strictly increasing. 15) ˜ Y˜ ). 10. For 0 < α < β < 1 we have L−1 (β) − L−1 (α) = k(β) − k(α) = E[Y U = β] − E[Y U = α] = x∈support(X) [FY−1|X=x (β) − FY−1 |X=x (α)] dFX (x) [FY˜−1|X=x (β) − FY˜−1 (α)] dFX (x) ˜ ˜ |X=x ≥ x∈support(X) ˜ −1 ˜ −1 =L (β) − L (α), here the above inequality follows from Eq.

4) as follows: (u) = ρφ−1 (v) + φ−1 (u) H(v, u) = FY−1 |X=φ−1 (v) 1 − ρ2 , where φ−1 denotes the inverse of the standard normal distribution function. 4. M. SHAKED, M. A. SORDO, AND A. SUAREZ-LLORENS 17 and [Y V = v] = ρφ−1 (v) + φ−1 (U ) st 1 − ρ2 . 15) From Eq. 14) it follows that E[Y U ] has a normal distribution with mean 0 and variance ρ2 , whereas from Eq. 15) it follows that E[Y V ] has a normal distribution with mean 0 and variance 1 − ρ2 . 4 in Shaked et al. 5 in [428]). , if the determination coefficient R2 = ρ2 · 100 % < 50 %), it may be recommended not to use X to predict Y .

5, 1, 2 and different values of ρη and ρβ . . . . . . . . 4 Contour plot of ARL for the unbiased X/R chart with L0 = 100 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 X/R chart with stable-process ARL L0 = 100 for the strengths of carbon fibers . . . . . . . . 1 Multi-server queueing system with heterogeneous servers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Cumulative entropies for some standard random variables with even densities . . . . . . . . Cumulative entropies for some non-negative variables with mean 1 and variance 1 .

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