By Ernest W. Flick

Describes greater than 1,500 emulsifying brokers presently to be had for business use. it's been compiled from info acquired from brands and vendors of those items. Emulsifiers locate use in industries resembling nutrition processing, drilling fluids, cosmetics, prescribed drugs, heavy-duty cleaners, fabric manufacture, pulp and paper processing, adhesives, sealants, and agricultural items.

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5 GLUCATE DO: Nonionic w/o Emulsifier Multifunctional Glucose Derivative CTFA Adopted Name: Methyl Glucose Dioleate--is a 100% active, clear, viscous liquid with strong activity as a primary waterin-oil emulsifier. This unique product offers the cosmetic formulator a variety of benefits: - Efficient Performance - Multifunctionality - Safety - Glucose Chemistry Typical Analysis: Appearance: Amber, viscous liquid Acid Value: 8 max. Saponification Value: 145-160 Hydroxyl Value: 145-170 Iodine Value: 60-75 Arsenic: 2 ppm max.

Dispersants for pigment and dye systems. : ALKASURF CO-Castor Oil Ethoxylates: The ALKASURF CO series represent a range of ethoxylated castor oils. O. per mole of castor oil. The lipophilic members are soluble in chlorinated and aromatic solvents and are used as emulsifiers for waxes and oils. The higher ethoxylates are frequently used as water soluble emulsifiers for oils, solvents and waxes. They are also used as lubricants in fat liquor baths found in the leather industry. The most important applications are found in the textile industry where they are used as lubricants and antistats in textile fibre processing, emulsifiers for dye carrier and emulsifiers for hydrophobic glycerides in blended fibre lubricants.

Uses: Baby Wipes - Moisturizing/conditioning shampoos - Anti-cracking agent in soap bars - Skin cleansers - Creams & lotions HLB: 15 Physical Form and Description: Amber fluid 50% solids in water. (Also available as 100% waxy solid SOLULAN 75) CFTA Name: PEG-75 Lanolin SOLULAN 97: Chemical Description: Acetylated complex of Polysorbate 80 and cetyl and lanolin alcohols Properties: Plasticizer for Polymers/Resins Ideal additive for non-aqueous systems. : SOLULANS(Continued): SOLULAN 98: Chemical Description: Partially acetylated complex of Polysorbate 8 0 and cetyl and lanolin alcohols Properties: Conditioner in aqueous detergent systems Primary oil/water emulsifier and solubilizer.

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